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What we do

For many years, we have been working with partners of Finnish educational organizations to provide trainings and consulting to overseas clients, especially Chinese clients of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Ministry of Education, universities, schools and municipal education administrations. We’ve found that many Finnish success factors are inspiring but not highly applicable due to the huge differences between the states and societies. However the experiences of computer-supported inquiry-based collaborative learning in Finland are universal and feasible to implement in China. With Knowledge Sauna as a platform, we collaborate with Finnish and global experts to create the following values.

Learning community
CSCL software development & SaaS
Training & Events

Who we are

We are a team with various professional backgrounds

Kristof Fenyvesi, PhD

Researcher in Finnish Educational Institute for Research, Founder of Experience Workshop, Vice-President of the world largest mathematics and arts community, The Bridges Organization.

Vivi Niu

Certificated teacher in Finland. Master of Education, University of Turku. Subject teaching experience in Helsinki and Espoo. Coordinating multiple international cooperation projects. 


Wei Lu

30 years of computer programming practice, 20 years of software industry experience, 4 years of participation in Finnish education training for Chinese educators and students, 2 children studying in Finnish school

Joyce Lee

Founder of YBOOM/EICP in Finland since 2002, organizing training for 200+ high-end talents per year from Chinese public and private sectors

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